Barbecue Recipes And The Famous Mojo Criollo Sauce

Finding the perfect accompaniment for your pig roast often needs something more than just a few side salads.  Having a sauce that is the perfect complimentary flavour for the meal you are serving is just as important as finding the perfect pig to roast.  One such accompaniment is a delicious marinade that you can use to delight your taste buds and your guests – the mojo criollo sauce.

Before we get started on anything else, it is pronounced mo-ho, and not mo-jo.  It is a relatively simple sauce that comesmojo criollo sauce from Central and Southern America which is loved by the Spanish and Cuban community as well.  While there are a few variations to this recipe, they generally all consist of the same ingredients: sour orange juice, fresh garlic and salt.  The beauty behind this sauce is that you can season it according to your taste, so feel free to add herbs and spices that suit you.  Some of these include paprika, cumin and black pepper.  You can also add olive oil if you are using Mojo Criollo sauce as a salad dressing, but in general when used as a marinade it isn’t necessary.

Finding sour orange juice might just be the trickiest part of the entire sauce because how often do you see sour oranges on sale?  Not often but there are a few variations that you can look for at your local green grocer.  These include Seville oranges or bigarade oranges and are usually the kind used for making marmalade.  They aren’t sweet and aren’t suitable for eating raw, but they work great for making this sauce.  Then, it is really as easy as combining all of your ingredients together to create the perfect marinade for your whole pig roast!

I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog today. You should try these mojo criollo barbecue recipes and Cuban bbq side dishes to give your barbecue an authentic Cuban twist!

Learn how to make the mojo criollo chicken! Watch this video now.

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